Am I a Real Runner? – List of Great Running Movies (read on…)

Am I a Real Runner? – List of Great Running Movies (read on…)

So I’m waiting on the next rainy weekend in Dallas.  I may be waiting for sometime since it rained a little on Sunday, and that’s usually all we’re going to get.  But, if another one shows up this year, I plan to stay at home, pop some organic popcorn, sit my family down and make them all watch a day’s worth of running movies with me.  The wife just rolls her eyes and endures the hard runner‘s silly interests, but my kids… oh my kids are still at that wonderful age where just being around me is all they want.  Naturally, I take every opportunity to exploit that like any good father should.


At 3:30 this morning, while soaking my legs, I decided to search for a list of movies about running, in anticipation of our next rainy weekend.  It took a while, but I did find a cool running blog that just so happened to have a list of running movies.  As I reviewed the list I was pleased to notice that I had not yet seen a good many of these.  Gives me something to look forward to.  Then my runner’s pride set in and I said to myself, “just how do you call yourself a runner, if you haven’t seen these?”  Dang that pride!



Well, I estimate that I’ve seen about 30% of these.  What about you?  I would appreciate your comments on your percentage and your all time favorite running movie.


Christina from Phoenix put it this way on her blog.


I found running movies and running documentaries that I had seen but many more that I had never heard of. (I’ve seen 39% of the movies on the list). 


She has done a pretty good job of giving us a full list of running movies.  Some may think movies like Forest Gump fit the running movies genre loosely.  I say, let’s make some room for any flick where the lead spends a good portion of the film running even if he’s got crazy, Elvis legs.


Never, never stop running.



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