Knee Issues – Could it be…the dreaded IT?

Knee Issues – Could it be…the dreaded IT?

TheHardRunner is having a hard time with IT band problems.  My run today was lacking fun since I’m still having issues with my right knee.  It all started about three weeks ago while on vacation in Atlanta.  I was having a great time running with my brother, well he was riding his bike, but that’s OK.  We were set for a 5 or 6 mile run, but even though he’s lived there 30 years, he sort of got us lost on the way back.  So, the short run became an 8 mile jaunt through hilly East Point Atlanta.  Naturally, I also had to show off my improved running skills by charging up every hill and flying down on my recoveries.


My ego cost me because soon after that day I was reeling from pain emanating in my right knee.  ”Not again”, I screamed.  Another injury?  Just coming off of four years of plantar fasciitis (I’ve found the perfect cure, more to come on that), a stress fracture in my left foot and losing 30 lbs., now this.  I mean, I’d been pretty healthy this Spring, so what could be the problem?  Could one lousy hill run really cause this?


According to the Runner’s Corner, that long hill run in Atlanta may in fact be the real reason for my problems.

The most common scenarios we see are:
1) Runners coming in the shop complaining of IT Band pain a few days after a downhill race or a long run on a flat, even surface (like a road or treadmill). Usually this type of run puts more work on the quads, which causes the imbalance to get worse and the IT Band pain to manifest.  (Many times this scenario is in combination with #2, below)
2) Over-striding or heel striking runners, especially those who run fast or do speed work.


Thus I turn to the trusty foam roller to address the issue.  The pain that causes is so uncomfortable that it started me searching on whether foam rolling is the right thing to do.



this {continuously rolling over the pain} is not really a good thing to do, especially if we are talking about an area that is sensitive. try rolling back and forth SLOWLY over just 2-3 inches at a time.

the it bands are really the outside of your leg, from the hip to the knee. which could be 15-18 inches or so. so at 2-3 inches at a time, you would end up moving in 6 or so distinct areas.



Paul Ingraham’s video of “Save Yourself” says foam rolling is not the best solution.  Not sure what to believe yet, but I’ll give them both a try and report on my findings.

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