New Post: Prep for a Twenty Mile Run

New Post: Prep for a Twenty Mile Run

So, I think I’m ready for a hot, long run tomorrow morning.  Dallas, this summer, has offered up some of the hottest days in history to hit the streets and run.  If you’re in Dallas, I don’t have to tell you what the weather is going to be like.  I won’t waste time positing a pic of the weather app from my iPhone.  A true pet peeve for one of my running buddies, Anthony Logsdon. 

But, for the heck of it I took a pic of my running nutrients to post today.  I stopped in at my trusted local running store to stock up on gels, beans and waffles.




I’ve noticed over the years of long running that I really hate fueling up during a run.  It really doesn’t make sense, but I have the hardest time convincing myself to fuel my body during the thick of the run.  Something happens to my brain at about mile 4 when I’m usually feeling great.  I know I have another 16 miles to go, but I cannot imagine that I’ll ever feel bad.  ”Surely, I can run forever,” I tell myself.  Therefore, I usually just take a quick sip of water and press on.  Around mile 15 I find myself wondering, “how on earth will I ever finish?”


That was me.  A year ago, even two or three years ago.  This year has been different.  I’ve been working hard at taking in electrolytes and calories at regular intervals.  I have not perfected it yet, but I know it’s important to do.  Since I’m qualified clydesdale, according to most marathon officials, I burn more energy per minute than those shirtless, sub 8 min/mile stallions.  I lose more water, too.  I tested myself before and found that I lose a whopping 9 lbs. on 20+ mile days.  That is an entire gallon of water!  I cannot figure out how to put all that back during the run, but I’m trying to reduce the loss as well.  Don’t know if that is truly possible, but I believe extra calories during the run will certainly help.


Over the last couple of long runs I’ve done much better at taking in supplements and water.  I can tell the difference in my ability to finish and recover.


Here’s a quick glance at my replenishment plan for tomorrow morning:


1. One Honey Stinger Waffle about one hour before start
2. 1-2 Endurolytes capsules every other water stop
3. One Honey Stinger energy gel at alternating water stops (alternating from the Endurolytes capsules)
4. Jelly Belly Sport Beans – whenever needed to relieve boredom spells
5.  EAS Myoplex Shake (after the run recovery drink)



If I manage to consume this heavy diet of packaged nutrients (still highly unlikely), we’re talking over 900 calories.  Let’s compare that to the 3100+ cals I’ll burn and there’s little wonder why these runs are so tough.  But what’s not to love?  I get to hang out with a great group of people, laugh a whole lot, and challenge my body and mind.  I’m blessed!  Who cares about the heat?


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  1. anthony logsdon

    Would everyone please stop posting pics of your cars temp? We all live in Dallas and know how hot it is.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Citizen

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